Camp Rules

The Board of Directors of Green Valley Bible Camp has passed the following rules and believes they are necessary to the running of an effective camp that will contribute to the spiritual welfare of the campers.


  • All clothing must be modest.
  • No tank tops, low cut garments, see-through tops, or bare midriffs.
  • ALL shorts must be to the top of the knee.
  • Suggestive/inappropriate logos or advertisements on clothing will not be tolerated.
  • While boys and girls will not swim together--each group will have a separate swim time each day—modest one-piece swim suits are a must.
  • Nice casual clothes shall be worn to worship services each evening, for example, clean, no holes, shirt with collar, etc.

Portable Smart Devices

  • The Session Director determines whether the camper can use tablets or a phone instead of a Bible.

Not Allowed

  • Tobacco, illegal or controlled substances.
  • Firearms or other items intended for use as weapons.
  • Pets in cabins.
  • Radios, tape players, stereos, CD players, game gear, etc.
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