Counselors/Other Volunteers

  • Complete online registration at least 7 days prior to start of session.
  • It is strongly encouraged that all camp participants attempt to quarantine from others for the 5 days just prior to coming to camp.
  • Email signed Release Waiver to or check-in at registration to provide signed waiver.  There is a link to the Waiver under the “Terms and Conditions” section of the online application or the form can be found on the website under the “MORE” tab and “Forms and Downloads” link.
  • During the week report any signs of a Covid-related illness of a camper or adult to the Director immediately.
  • Maintain and/or assist in maintaining maximum of 8 campers per cabin.
  • Ensure you and campers have masks in the event the Director requires them.
  • Bring a water bottle because fountains may not be in use.  However, water will be made available to fill bottles.
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