Camp Directors

Todd Miller - Overnight Week 1

Todd Miller served in Youth Ministry for nearly 20 years. He recently transitioned from Youth Minister to Associate Minister at the Bentonville, Arkansas Church of Christ and has loved his role as Camp Director over the past several years. He loves presenting the gospel of Jesus Christ with a team of adult Christians through teaching, worship, classes, and fellowship in the beautiful outdoors of Green Valley Bible Camp.

Contact Information: 


Church phone: 479-273-2178

Dennis Coberley - Day Camp Week 1
Danny Boggs - Overnight Week 2
Robb Hadley - Overnight Week 3
Jason Sparks - Overnight Week 4
Craig Frost - Overnight Week 5, Day Camp Week 2
Marshall Brown - Overnight Week 6
Bill McFarland - Overnight Week 7
Scot Wiles / Chance Snider - Day Camp Week 3
Jon Hendrix / Bob Deffenbaugh - Overnight Week 8
Scott Ware - Overnight week 9, Day Camp Week 4
Andy Brazle - High School Retreat
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