Camper Safety


If your child has food allergies, the camp will accommodate special food requests if they are notified in advance.  In addition, they play a role in assisting your child to avoid foods that cause allergic reactions, i.e., peanuts.  It is very important to include food, material, and environmental allergies in the “Medical Comments/Requirements/Allergies” field on the application when registering.


Medicinal Requirements

When registering your child it is very important to include medical conditions and required medicines in the “Medical Comments/Requirements/Allergies” field on the application.  Required medicines that your child brings to camp will be given to a counselor that resides in the same cabin.  Counselors can assist in reminding the camper to take medicines at the correct times as requested by a parent or guardian. 


Disabled / Special Needs' Campers

Based on guidance from parents and/or guardians, we strive to support all campers to have a positive camp experience. Disabled campers and/or those that have temporary conditions that require special attention are welcome at camp; however, their specific needs must be reviewed and their attendance approved in advance of the camp session.  Contact the Associate Registrar at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 479-616-2759. 



Serious accidents and injuries are very uncommon at camp; however if they occur the camp is within 5 miles of a major hospital.  In addition, parents or guardians will be notified immediately.  While not a requirement or a guarantee, we often have counselors who have some formal medical training--most often nursing-- that assist with minor situations, i.e. bee stings, small cuts, etc.

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