Special Needs' Campers

Special Needs’ Campers

We strive to offer our camp experience to campers that have special needs. We do not provide the services of trained professionals but we do have experienced Session Directors and cabin counselors who love kids and understand and are willing to provide extra attention and patience.

Special needs’ campers that have attended in the past include but are not limited to those with:

  • Special dietary restrictions due to health issues.
  • Physical disabilities (blindness, mobility challenges, diabetes, etc.).
  • Basic life skills challenges.
  • Psychological disorders (i.e., intellectual disabilities, autism, anxiety disorders, depression, ADHD/ADD, etc.)

We need to know in advance of the camp session in order to plan appropriately for your child.

Contact the Associate Registrar at registrar@greenvalleybiblecamp.com or call 479-616-2759.